Launch of Global Project


The project to link the driverless CDGVAL system for the Paris Airport Authority/Aéroport de Paris further expands the companyís offer for owners.


Global Project continues to develop its services for operators, working with Veolia Transport to prepare the operation of Seoulís L9 metro line.


Global Project takes its first steps in the high speed rail sector as a consultant for the maintenance of rail equipment for the Perpignan-Figueras rail tunnel, operated by TP FERRO (EIFFAGE-DRAGADOS).


The attribution of the framework contract to Global Project by the French infrastructure owner Réseau Ferré de France/French Rail Network to study the modernisation of the network and new high speed train line possibilities opens up new horizons for the company.


Global Project participates in the Grand Paris Express project through the implementation of the quality system for the AMO project and management operations.


The target threshold of 150 missions worldwide is reached.


Global Project consultancy activities continue to grow with reference missions for Transdev and abroad in Riyadh.

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